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   (March 21) The Jit Sin English Debate Competition 2024 was held from March 16th to March 21st 2024. This competition aimed to improve and discover student debating talents, as well as strengthen and extend students’ understanding of current issues. There were 19 teams competing in the Senior Division, while 9 teams competed in the Junior Division. The competition had 4 stages, including the Preliminaries, Quarterfinals, Semifinals and the Grand Finals.

  The Preliminaries were held on March 16. There was a short Opening Ceremony that signalled the start of the debates. All debaters had to go through three rounds of debate, no matter the results. A total of 8 Senior teams broke into the Quarterfinals and 4 Junior teams broke into the Semifinals. The Quarterfinals for the Senior Division were held on March 20th in the English Language Centre. 4 Senior teams joined the 4 Junior teams in the Semifinals and the Grand Finals which were held on March 21st. Some classes also had the chance to spectate the exciting debates on March 21st.

The Closing Ceremony, which was held on the same day as the Finals, gave a satisfying end to the competition. We also invited our dear principal, Mr Ong to give a speech. Besides that, the guest adjudicator, Mr Nic Adam gave some helpful comments to our debaters. This was then followed by the prize-giving ceremony and a photo-taking session. The Jit Sin English Debate Competition 2024 was an unprecedented success with a total of 86 participants. It was a memorable experience for the committee members and everyone involved in organising this debate competition. We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the guest adjudicators, including Mr Foo Ming Chiew, Mr Yeap Chia Yih, Mr Nic Adam, Ms Deborah Saw, and Ms Angeline Chew for taking time off their busy day and offering their services as adjudicators. Thank you to all the adjudicators, committee members and debaters for making this competition a reality! We would also like to congratulate the winners below. For more detailed information on the results, please check out 

📍Quarterfinalists (Senior)

Team S19 (Lee Yu Zhe, Ng Shao Zhang, Ooi Pin Chao)

Team S02 (Ooi Jo Yee, Miyuki Wong, Ning Sheng Wei)

Team S08 (Chang Yu Bin, Chua Yong Jun, Lee Kye Ern)

Team S07 (Yeoh Ming Shuen, Celest Khor Yee Jie, Sim Zi Quan)

📍Semifinalists (Junior)

Team J03 (Quah Ying Jie, Chin Yoon Wey, Eshyn Ng)

Team J06 (Charlotte Li Shuen, Kievan Saw Yi Khai, Tan Yun Tong)

📍Semifinalists (Senior)

Team S14 (Yeoh Khai Jie, Daniel Saw, Ooi Jun Kai)

Team S06 (William Khor Kai Zhe, Ngai Mandy Yin Teng, Lee Jing)

📍1st-Runner up (Junior)

Team J05 (Daniel Cheah Zhi Kai, Low Zi Yi, Felicia Lim Ke Xin)

📍1st-Runner up (Senior)

Team S03 (Chuah Ee Sern, Nah Hao Yang, Tan Joseph)

📍Champion (Junior)

Team J02 (Dylan Goh, Cruise Lee Yu Jie, Lim Qi Tao)

📍Champion (Senior)

Team S13 (Yong Rui Sze, Ooi Xin Yi, Candice Lai)

📍Top 10 Speakers Award

Daniel Saw, Ooi Xin Yi, Yong Rui Sze, Lee Yu Zhe, Yeoh Khai Jie, Tan Joseph, Quah Ying Jie, Charlotte Li Shuen, Chuan Ee Sernn, Ooi Jo Yee

Best Speaker Award

Junior: Lim Qi Tao

Senior: Yong Rui Sze

Reported by: Tham Kok Teng

Edited by: Jarod Ooi